Best Gold Farm in Minecraft? - Minecraft Java Edition Gold Farm Tutorial

Today we design a new gold farm that isn't one of the normal standard designs. In this tutorial we add some self imposed rules to make things more interesting. Is this the best gold farm in Minecraft? No, not at all but it was a lot of fun designing it. This farm is for Java Edition, I've not tested it in Bedrock Edition so your mileage my vary. This farm produces over 83,000 items per hour into total and includes a filter to delete the rotten flesh. It also includes a shulker box loader to gather all the gold nuggets for you. This farm is not about being the most efficient, it's more about having the most fun rather than building the same old farms.

★ Litmatic Download (Enter $0 to download for free):
★ Shulker Loader by @HexRegulus
★ Item Elevator by @Maizuma Games
★ How mob spawning works:

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Client Mods:

★ Logical Zoom:
★ Litematica:
★ MiniHud:
★ ReplayMod:
★ Carpet Mod:

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