Construct The WALL! | Survival Empire S1 EP12 | Minecraft Survival Lets Play

With the FEAR of an ATTACK, we construct a wall to keep out any potential spies or intruders… complete with a redstone key door.

Below I have broken the video up into chapters to make finding important parts of the video easier!
*Chapters coming soon*

In today’s Empire episode, we take the land we cleared in our expansion recently, and quickly construct a wall to keep out intruders! Our townspeople take whatever supplies they can find, and quickly put them together to form a fair sized wall that should keep any potential people from gaining entry, therefor keeping our townspeople safe!

Welcome to Survival Empire! In this series, I will be building up 2 warring kingdoms that are trying to expand their empires! The kingdoms are separated by 2 rivers, and a land mass in the middle which is the battleground and will have some area’s of interest for the kingdoms to fight over! I will be building both kingdoms up at the same time, and at key moments in the series, we will stage battles between the kingdoms using things to represent soldiers, build up siege equipment, and later on even have the 2 empires war bleed over into each others kingdom… causing damage to walls and buildings! After the damage has been there for a little while, we will repair the damage with slightly different blocks, so it’s fixed, but the damage shows to help build the lore and story of the world. This series is largely a lore building and structure building series. It is played on Bedrock Edition, but version specific mechanics and workings aren’t really a focus, so the series is really made for all Minecraft players regardless of version or platform they play on!

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World Information
Seed: 1490446734
Simulation Distance: 12 Chunks
Render Distance: 64 Chunks
Add-ons used:
Expert mode, Mob heads, No enderman griefing, Different stems (melon and pumpkin), ashless campfires, quieter rain, unobtrusive rain, unobtrusive snow, unobtrusive particles, shorter grass, shorter tall grass, lower shield, durability viewer,

RTX Pack used: Defined PBR

Video Edited by FatTofu
Prowl skins made by RedLameDog
Thumbnail Blender Characters made by OmegaShark1
Expert+ mode add-on made by Rayth
Additional Youtube Upload work done by Aries, BlackMoonstone, and Aggro

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