Desert and Mesa Combo Village!!! | Minecraft Seeds Bedrock: #shorts

Come check out this seed with me! #shorts

Shorts Music Cred: Music by Wataboi on Pixabay Music:

Texture Pack:

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Chunk Border Resource Pack (by FoxyNoTail):

How to find Chunk Borders ???? ???? ????:

Need Infinite Water??? ????????????

Need Iron??? ⛏️ ⛏️ ⛏️

Need Bonemeal??? ????????????

Need Golden Apples??? ????????????
Some of my Favorite Builds:
???? Some of my favorite builds

Get Crazy Amounts of Emeralds: ????????????

Fun Fishing Station: ????????????

Cow Farm (Tells you when to feed the cows): ????????????

Infinite Bonemeal: ????????????

Iron Farm and Trading Hall: ⛏️⛏️⛏️

???????????? Resource Packs ????????????
My Favorite Shader:

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