Draining An Ocean Monument Perimeter! ▫ Minecraft Survival Guide (1.18 Tutorial Lets Play) [S2E91]

The Minecraft Survival Guide Season 2 continues! And so does work on our Guardian Farm.
This tutorial will show you how to effectively drain a large area of water from an ocean build. We're focusing on drying out the Ocean Monument perimeter so we can convert it into a flashy guardian farm, but you could use these techniques for other ocean builds, rivers, cave aquifers, or anything else that requires you to clear lots of water!
We check out two methods: using sand and sponges to partition and dry out big areas of open water, and using warped and crimson trees to fill in the interior of structures like Ocean Monuments.
(Note that it's also possible to clear large areas of water using flying machines, although we don't cover that in this video.)

Time lapse music: Nokae - "Interim"
With thanks to Nokae and The Arcadium

Circle plotted using Plotz: https://plotz.co.uk/

Season 2 world seed: -3821426255058016680

Season 2 of the Minecraft Survival Guide will teach you how to master Survival Mode in Minecraft 1.18 and beyond!

Follow the Season 2 playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7lE0MG80qw&list=PLgENJ0iY3XBjpNDm056_NSPhIntVMG0P8


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