How to Make a Minecraft Kelp Farm with FREE World Download

This EASY Minecraft Kelp Farm will give LOTS of KELP, PLUS a World Download in Java AND Bedrock in a BEST Minecraft Seed, FOR FREE!

In today's Episode of Minecraft Farm Tutorial Builds, With Avomance, I am giving you an EASY Minecraft Kelp Farm Tutorial so you have lots of Kelp, making it a Minecraft Food Farm and Minecraft Fuel Farm.

This is a Java World Downloads AND a Bedrock World Download (Windows 10 version with .mcworld file)

This farm is a Minecraft Kelp Farm AND ALSO a Minecraft XP Farm


This Kelp farm does NOT have any problems with kelp getting stuck at the bottom of the farm, as the farm will convert all water to water source blocks instantly, even when a piston breaks them!


You can get this download at:

Click the Free Downloads tab at the top of the page and select "Kelp farm" from the list of downloads shown on the page. It will take you directly to you world!

Lots of other world downloads and Minecraft Schematics there too FOR FREE for you to take and use!


This is an Easy Minecraft Tutorial on How to Build a Kelp Farm in Minecraft 1.18. This will also work in earlier versions and probably later versions too!


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