I Survived 100 Days in a Ski Resort Zombie Apocalypse in Hardcore Minecraft

Surviving 100 Days in a Ski Resort filled with Zombies.
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In this "In a Ski Resort Zombie Apocalypse" video I have to escape the winter tundra snowy mountains filled with Zombie Apocalypse undead everywhere. I use zombie Skiing equipment like a pair of zombie wasteland apocalypse Ski Resort Ski's and ski resort sticks. There are little zombie ski resort apocalypse wasteland settlements from the old world that I have loot. I need to get zombie ski resort gear as much as possible to prepare for a apocalypse ski resort zombie Blizzard and a ski resort zombie Avalanche apocalypse that may drop on me at any moment. Build a ski resort base and zombie reinforce it by adding ski resort turrets and digging out a zombie secret ski resort escape tunnel in case the base gets overrun by zombie apocalypse wasteland horde using a ski resort Mecha giant robot tunneller.

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Thank you to Forge Labs, Luke TheNotable & ForrestBono for this amazing 100 Days video inspiration :)

I'm a fairly new channel. If you think you know me then yes I do also have another Minecraft channel with 80k subs. I want to use this channel to be more creative in my videos and upload twice as more :D

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4:53 100 Days on a Aircraft Carrier in a Zombie Apocalypse
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