I Survived 100 Days in a Wasteland Zombie Apocalypse in Hardcore Minecraft

Surviving 100 Days in a Wasteland filled with Zombies.
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In this "In a Wasteland Zombie Apocalypse" video I'm stuck in a Zombie barren desert Wasteland Apocalypse with no food or water. There are hordes of wasteland zombies and I have to find and loot random wasteland abandoned zombie buildings for anything I can find. Find wasteland vehicles to traverse the apocalypse endless zombie wasteland desert and build a Tier 5 zombie apocalypse wasteland base equipped with turrets, lava, barbed wire and wasteland zombie security systems. Find other wasteland survivors and build zombie alliances with survivor camps to trade and run supply zombie wasteland apocalypse missions. And battle bandits that use the wasteland zombie apocalypse as an excuse to rob from people and get away with it.

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Thank you to Forge Labs, Luke TheNotable & ForrestBono for this amazing 100 Days video inspiration :)

I'm a fairly new channel. If you think you know me then yes I do also have another Minecraft channel with 80k subs. I want to use this channel to be more creative in my videos and upload twice as more :D

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Day 1
6:42 Day 2-4
14:30 Day 5-9
22:47 Day 10-14
25:08 Day 15-22
32:52 Day 23-31
42:21 Day 32-41
50:28 Day 42-50
57:35 Day 51-62
1:10:50 Day 63-71
1:17:35 Day 72-78
1:21:08 Day 79-84
1:28:04 Day 85-90
1:33:31 Day 91-94
1:39:56 Day 95-97
1:42:44 Day 98-99
1:45:23 Day 100
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