I Travelled 30,000,000 Blocks in Minecraft Hardcore!

I travelled 30,000,000 blocks to the WORLD BORDER in hardcore minecraft

Minecraft worlds are massive! But to find out just how big they are today we are travelling to the world border in hardcore minecraft. This 1.18 minecraft hardcore video involves me making an OP gunpowder farm and an OP sugar cane farm. Also this minecraft hardcore episode took over 70 hours to make so please be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed!

This is the 22nd episode in my 1.18 minecraft hardcore series!
Watch the rest of the series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuP1FCJ1ukL5qTks7ziukaGsjckRnROGV

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This series is inspired by other minecraft youtubers like: wadzee and luke the notable. Also hardcore minecraft series people like sandiction and acookiegod. This video is a mega minecraft challenge like those in mumbo jumbo or grians videos, but it's just lockdownlife.

Music and sound effects:
- Epidemic sound

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