Minecraft - 5 Cool Maps To Play In!

Hey everyone Lou here!

So today I am going to be breifly exposing 5 cool maps I randomly came across in Minecraft (Bedrock v1.18.30).

MAP #1
Seed: -3985741934011935528
Starting point is a Stone Mountain Top with plenty of Iron, Coal, and a few Emeralds near a village with a massive cave. Passed the forest area is the Mesa Plateau where you find a broken nether protal and another massive cave further down and eventually another village!

MAP #2
Seed: -6516146172783972823
Staring point is in edge of the woods with an ancient temple just across the river and some stylish tall mountains nearby. Just beyond those mountains is actually Mushroom Island! In the opposite direction is a desert with another stylish mountain on the other side of the ocean with a desert village and a broken nether portal.

MAP #3
Seed: -8437121444926233436
Starting point is the outskirts of the jungle right next to a village with a lake in the middle and multiple massive caves nearby and a little cave cove filled with coal.

MAP #4
Seed: 3937935946361289956
Starting point is in the desert with a huge sand mountain and a really deep/massive cave near the starting point. Further beyond that is a cool cave island on a lake with another massive cave just on shore. Passed that is a broken nether portal

MAP #5
Seed: 4684056342392792564
Starting point is in the swam with a witch house and sunken ship. In the opposite direction are two big mountains with a floating island and a small underwater ruin with an outpost nearby. Not too far passed all that is another massive 3 floor cave found by following the river. Beyond all that are constant huge mountains with big cave entranced with a village passed it all which has yet another huge opening to go underground.

Hope you enjoy these maps!

Feel free to comment other cool things you find in them or other interesting seeds you find and I will expose them along with a shout-out.

Until the next upload... :)
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