Minecraft Creepypasta | MIGRATOR CAPE SEED

This is strange as it deals with the rumor of the migrator cape seed!

Seed: migratorcape
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Just a note: my videos are only for entertainment. These are not meant to be taken seriously.

I really enjoy making creepypasta videos with horror, jumscenes, and other fun scary elements! This includes videos with giant alex, minecraft creepypasta seeds, creepypasta herobrine, and other Minecraft Creepypasta stories! I may also do Minecraft creepypasta roleplays or tutorials on my creepypastas or how to build some creepypasta builds/maps.

#creepypasta #minecraftcreepypasta

My favorite mod for my creepypastas is optifine! I especially like the light from holding a torch in your hand!
Enjoy! This is done in Minecraft!

Texture Pack: Patrix
Shader: SEUS PTGI 12
Minecraft Seed
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