Minecraft Creepypasta Seed | Long Legged Steve finded at this map! Scariest seed in minecraft

Seed is - 00145236
Play on your own risk! History from creepypasta wiki -
Back in 2011 a player by the name of Transistor09 had crafted great skill in making mods for Minecraft. Transistor09 had great interest in making new types of mobs. He was particularly fond of the Enderman. After messing around with code, he discovered an odd set of code lines in Minecraft's code. It turned out that the code belonged to an unknown mob in Minecraft. Transistor09 couldn't learn from the code what it was so he felt intrigued. Transistor09 took it upon himself to code a modpack that would spawn this unknown type of mob in Minecraft. He quickly realised the mistake he made... The creature featured unnatural long legs and -arms and a smaller head. The creature would haunt Transistor09 and repeatedly try to kill him. Transistor09 vowed to never allow this creature to rise again. He destroyed his world and deleted his modpack.
#creepypastaminecraft #longleggedsteve
Minecraft Seed
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