40 Things in Minecraft You Didn't Know ( Java & Bedrock )

40 Things in Minecraft You Need to Know as well as Build hacks and hidden features you didn't know existed in the wild update. Download Outplayed to capture the best moments of your game for FREE! Using: https://www.influencerlink.org/SHDzr Thanks to Outplayed for sponsoring the video!
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Here are 40 tips and tricks, things you didn't know, build hacks and everything inbetween that you need to know about in Minecraft latest the wild update.

from some funny bugs you didn't know existed, to some awesome hidden features you didn't know existed, and even a few epic facts along the way!

Clips Used:
1) placing a string on top of lava blocks the sound

2) You can put emojis in books

3) freezing skeleton makes it stray

4) applying wax to copper blocks will stop it from oxidizing.

5) A University in South Korea held an entrance ceremony in Minecraft.

6) in bedrock edition You can extinguish yourself in the Nether using Splash Water Bottle

7) drip leafs can be toggled with redstone

8) You can reutilize the water from wet sponges

9 TIL that fireworks can bounce off of the corner of a block.

10) Quick little crop farming trick! Did you know about it?

11) cool spectator lava glitch

12) How To Make an Infinite Water Source From 1 Block

13) Powdered snow as a Temporary block when building

14) you can actually punch back llamas spit, in bedrock edition

15) TIL that you can make the little men on the 2x4 painting hold tools

16) cave spiders are friendly and like to party during the day

17) if you're trying to lure two types of mobs, remember you can lure
them both at the same time with using your main hand and off hand.

18) in bedrock, being on fire lgihts campfires.

19) So me and my friends discovered something fun with fishing rods...

20) doors are pretty useful

21) You can shoot powder snow to get rid of it with a flame bow

22) waterlogged leaves are obsidian on a budget

23) Throw your potions upwards for longer effect

24) Fun tip, you can put a block in an item frame with a sign

25) bedrock and java edition have slightly different sun sets, which one do you prefer?

26) lilies of the valley.

27) netherite tools are the only tools in the game to have handles

28) How to easily get sniper duel advancement

29) you can use campfire blocks for water falls

30) use signs under carpet to make it more detailed

31) drowned with loyalty enchant

32) With the new mangrove trapdoor you can make following eyes illusion easily

33) Witches glow when you use a bell near them

34) Waterlogged blocks can be used in cobblestone generators

35) Carpet on top of powdered snow still mitigates all fall damage!

36) Don't underestimate tipped arrows

37) Mangrove Root T-flip flop

38) A nametag stops the Warden from digging down.

39) you can put every block into a minecart and there is nearly no limit to it

40) How many hits a shield can take from different weapons.

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